Denmark 2020: Ecommerce Country Report

Download the "Denmark 2020: Ecommerce Country Report" for a detailed analysis of Denmark, one of the most advanced ecommerce markets in the world. The report explores the factors that affect online buying behaviour in this Nordic country including high domestic retail taxes and wide access to the internet. Read on to find out more about Danish consumers’ expectations and behaviour as they relate to, for example, cross-border purchases, language localisation and payment options.

Download the full report for the key statistics and expert insights that retailers and manufacturing brands need to know as they consider plans to launch in Denmark.

The full report includes (Free summary report includes*):

  • Overview of the Danish retail market*
  • Partner perspective: Tealium*
  • Overview of the Danish retail market
  • Case study: Parcel lockers & BOPUS
  • Q&A with retailer Georg Jensen 
  • More than 18 detailed graphs and charts including
    • Denmark’s gross domestic product
    • Age structure of Denmark’s population
    • Population growth
    • Denmark’s place in Europe
    • Internet penetration in Denmark
    • Device usage for online
    • Devices used for online purchases in Denmark
    • Social media usage
    • Internet inclusivity index 
    • B2C Ecommerce turnover
    • Online shoppers review
    • Payment cards used for purchasing online
    • Popular online payment method preference/use
    • Share of GDP made up by B2C ecommerce sales 
    • Share of companies with Danish online sales
    • Online shopping frequency in Denmark
    • Online spending in Denmark
    • Reasons Danes cancelled online purchases

Denmark 2020 Ecommerce Country Report

Nine highlights of the Denmark 2020 Ecommerce Report

  1. 98% of Danes are online, which is second-highest level in the Nordic region, after Sweden. (Market Overview, p4)
  2. The whole of Danish society, especially public administration, is highly digitalised. While shopping is a major beneficiary of the digital competence, sustainability and climate issues are the strategic priorities in the retail sector (p5)
  3. Denmark ranks top in the E-Government Development Index, 4th globally in the Ease of Doing Business Index (p9)
  4. Denmark is 4th in the Internet Inclusivity Index, combining scores for availability, affordability, relevance and readiness of digital services (p11)
  5. Online shopping frequency of consumers in Denmark ranges from 1% of consumers who shop more than once a day, to 7% who shop once a year or never (p14)
  6. The most significant problem encountered by consumers is the speed of delivery, while the greatest perceived barrier to shopping online is a preference to shop in person (p15)
  7. Danes shop predominantly from Danish companies, with 85% of online purchases from national sellers (p15)
  8. Customers increasingly expect lockers and in-store pickup to be options for online purchases. Our case study on ‘BOPUS’ (Buy Online, Pick-Up in Store) is on p16-18
  9. “Delivering the basics well”, plus the variations by country for a global brand – insights from our case study with Georg Jensen’s Global Head of Ecommerce (p19)

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