Benelux 2022 Ecommerce Region Report

Download the Benelux 2022 Ecommerce Region Report for an in-depth analysis of one of Europe’s most significant markets both in terms of retail and through the political and economic cooperation between Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. 

The Benelux Union is an exemplar of how a single market can work. It is like a laboratory, highlighting and inspiring the rest of the European Union. It is within this context that the RetailX research team has analysed the region, investigating what retail without borders means for domestic and international brands and retailers, and for consumers. None of the countries holds significant barriers to entry for international businesses and the region is keen to be seen as an entry point for wider expansion in Europe. 

The report explores the similarities and disparities between the individual countries of Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands with specific features on cross-border trade, sustainability, payments and the final mile.

The Benelux 2022 Ecommerce Region Report delves into the cooperation between the three countries runs deep and how they maintain their independence.  

The report examines how the region’s customers’ shop online, the methods they use to pay, expectations around delivery, returns and engagement all differ but none of these unique behaviours is insurmountable for ecommerce players ready to investigate the market further

Themes examined in the report:

  • Regional profile of Benelux - A political union with a single internal market means high GDP per capita
  • Market context - Early internet adoption results in a region with high internet usage and mature ecommerce markets
  • Which products are bought most - Consumers spend the most online with fashion retailers but the product category in second place differs between countries
  • Cross-border trade - Shopping across borders appears to be second nature for online shoppers in Luxembourg and Belgium 
  • Sustainability - Government, retailers and consumers are working towards a carbon-neutral Europe
  • How are customers paying? - E-wallets continue to gain share of ecommerce payments as consumer preferences for traditional methods declines
  • The final mile - Competition is leading to cooperation between carriers and retailers and innovation in sustainability
  • Company spotlight: Amazon, and Kruidvat 


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