“Marketplaces at scale and at speed” -Virtual Roundtable with Hepsiburada

21 July, 2022 - 12:00pm

Fresh from its IPO, Turkish powerhouse Hepsiburada is embracing the best of global marketplaces as it grows post-pandemic. Hepsiburada (“everything is here”) has been extending its influence across the Middle East, attracting some 97m visitors a month from the region – being both a marketplace and a retailer on its own account. In key respects, it emulates the Amazon model by having integrated and capable logistics and free returns. Hepsiburada’s capabilities as a sophisticated marketplace offer a paradigm of scope and efficiency that sets a standard. In our discussion we’ll hear how Hepsiburada who started mainly in electrical and electronic items, have since grown to have more than 43m SKUs, and how they are looking towards growth areas in grocery (HepsiExpress), airline ticketing and money transfers.

Alper Hankendi, Director of Engineering at Hepsiburada will kick off our discussion, but do note that this is a “mic on, camera on” interactive discussion (not a presentation where people just sit back or half-listen!). Please apply to join us if you want to make a contribution, are ready to share your own experiences and learnings, and of course have questions to pose to the group.

There will be no notes, no recording, no slides, no ‘deck’, no follow up. This is a case of be there or miss the moment!

The event is confidential and off the record, held under the Chatham House Rule.

We have space for about 8 people to join, and it’s ideally suited to hands-on experts, who understand the systems in use or who are looking for better solutions, and would like to discuss, share and learn with peers. In particular we’ll look at the demands of connecting with a fickle yet knowledgeable consumer in a market that by definition is fast-paced.

If you’d like to participate please let us know using the form below or mail our Event Manager Sophie Weston (sophie@retailx.net) if you’ve any questions.

Our Speakers

Ian Jindal
Alper Hankendi
Director of Engineering

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