Flexible and agile working – a discussion with IKEA

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A privileged, confidential discussion behind the scenes with IKEA covering talent, transformation and team flexibility to deliver the customer experience.

IKEA operates over 430 stores, is a global manufacturer, with a focus upon affordability, style and sustainability. They flex to local conditions while maintaining a global consistency in service, quality and values. As consumers we have come to expect this and perhaps take it for granted, yet as retail professionals we are in awe of the processes and approaches that match manufacturing and retail workflows with a diverse and talented team, to deliver that experience.

In our discussions we’ll cover:

In short, it’s a session to discuss openly the confluence of business values, staff capabilities, supporting platforms and hybrid change – all in a confidential setting over breakfast.
Our two guests from IKEA will start the conversation, but it’s not a presentation or a ‘sit back and listen’ session. It’s a real conversation.
In order to participate you will be responsible for people and change in a similarly-complex business, and have both questions and contributions of your own. The session will be chaired by our Editor in Chief, Ian Jindal, with the aim of ensuring a full sharing of views.

Our format is:


No quoting, no recording, no transcript

Live only

There’s no “update aftwards” – you’re either there or you’ve missed it

Presentation free

No powerpoint or decks – just discussion

No sales

No pitches, sales or solutions – this is a discussion amongst peers to learn and exchange experiences


It is a great privilege to have an open conversation with IKEA and our format will allow you to engage with an exemplar of scale, global reach, complexity and values that is unrivalled.

We have space for 8 guests to join us, and our team are inviting people already. If we’ve not yet reached you, or you’d like to join, please do complete the form and we’ll contact you. We require your work email address to validate you, and all valid applications will be acknowledged. Please note that this session is open to retailers and brands only.
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Retailer ROundtable with IKEA

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Testimonials from recent RetailCraft dinners

"Let me thank you all for a wonderful evening on Wednesday. You assembled a great group of people and I would say it was a very successful evening in terms of bringing people together and facilitating genuine and interesting conversations and connections"
"Really great meeting everyone on Wednesday night, thanks for a fabulous evening.”
"I had an amazing time, so much so I'm really looking forward to doing it again. You were AMAZING!!!”
"Was such a fun night full of amazing food and great company"


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