Europe 2022: Ecommerce Region Report

The European Ecommerce Region Report explores the state of ecommerce across 35 key countries in Europe, driven by an amalgamation of editorial analysis, expert research and months of analysis.

It is our aim to provide readers with a clear picture of the ecommerce landscape of each featured European market, including cross-border web traffic, disruptions in the supply chain and pandemic driven-changes in consumer habits.

Sustainability is also a central focus of the report, as we assess the sustainability of the RetailX EU Top1000, including the accessibility of sustainability information, the issues covered, transparency of retail practices and how often they update on their progress. 

From digital maturity, population and payment preferences, to the largest 100 retailers selling in each region, biggest consumer trends and latest technological advancements, merchants will gain actionable insights into every aspect of Europe's affluent B2C market. 


Report highlights:

  • Over 150 pages of cutting-edge analysis into Europe’s ecommerce activity.
  • Findings based on months of work from RetailX researchers, data journalists and editors.
  • Research is illustrated throughout with easy-to-read graphs, figures and charts. 


Download the complete European Ecommerce Region Report now to gain access to: 

  • The key shifts in consumer behaviours in different European regions, including payment preferences, perceived barriers to buying online and delivery expectations. 
  • The largest 100 retailers selling in each featured market. 
  • An understanding of how supply chain issues, the metaverse and sustainability are reshaping the European retail industry. 


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