USA 2021

The USA 2021: Ecommerce Country Report offers an all-encompassing overview of the state of ecommerce in one of the most prestigious markets around the globe.

Through a combination of wealth, population and digital maturity - the USA is undoubtedly a major player on the world stage and certainly one to watch in terms of retail. This Country Report aims to provide retailers and brands - whether new entrants or seasoned sellers - an accessible picture of the USA’s booming B2C landscape.

We look closely at everything you need to know in order to exceed customer expectations and stay ahead of competitors. This includes an expert analysis of market context, global digital performance ranking and emerging technologies.

Readers will also develop a clearer understanding of the USA’s environmental objectives following COP26, with a particular focus on what this means for retail. The metaverse is another significant focus of this report as we offer a detailed discussion of the exciting opportunities it will provide for sellers, shoppers and products.

Report highlights:
37 pages of market-leading ecommerce analysis
31 exclusive RetailX graphs and figures
Up to 7 years of comparative data

Download today to get access to:

Company case studies with retail giants including Amazon and Walmart
An understanding of the largest 100 retailers in the USA
Unparalleled insight into the changes in the US market over the last year
The evolution of the metaverse and opportunities for retail


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