2021 Central and Eastern Europe Ecommerce Regional Report

Download the Central and Eastern Europe Ecommerce Regional Report for an illuminating analysis of the unique countries across this market from a practical perspective.

Retailers and brands will learn more about the economic and political disparities between Central and Eastern Europe, with a clear overview of GDP per capita population growth and digital maturity.

As the report unfurls, we zoom in on each country in detail, covering everything from consumer demographics to political standing. Of course, we also look at Central and Eastern Europe within the context of the pandemic and how vaccination status, guidelines and lockdowns have reshuffled the retail sphere.

Report highlights:

  • 60 pages of market-leading research
  • Illustrative graphics, charts & figures exclusive to RetailX
  • Retailer case studies with: Allegro, dm, eMAG & H&M


  • Get your copy now and discover:
  • Why marketplaces are a way in for international retailers entering the different countries of Central and Eastern Europe
  • The largest 100: why Central European consumers favour multi-sector retailers
  • What are the biggest opportunities for merchants in Central & Eastern Europe?


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