Poland 2021

The RetailX Poland 2021: Ecommerce Country report provides valuable insights into the state of ecommerce in the sixth largest economy in the EU. Inside, we explore the political backdrop of Poland, the opportunities and challenges created by Covid-19 and the most prominent aspects of the ecommerce landscape.

Retailers and brands will come away with an unparalleled understanding of the Polish consumer, including population growth, monthly online spending by age and delivery preferences. We also list new products bought online as a result of Covid-19, as well as the largest Top100 sellers and where they’re based.

Report highlights:

  • 31 pages of clear-cut analysis and valuable market research
  • 28 exclusive RetailX graphs and figures
  • Unique industry insight

Download today and find out more about:

  • Delivery and returns - what are the primary expectations?
  • The Largest 100 retailers selling in Poland and the impact on the pandemic
  • Notable shifts in consumer habits and preferences


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