European Marketplaces Report 2021

Marketplace selling continues to thrive across Europe as the continent comes out of the pandemic and the model also continues to reshape how ecommerce works. So, just how has the landscape shifted since we last reported in September 2020?

The RetailX Marketplaces 2021 report takes readers through each major European marketplace and zooms in on how those marketplaces are changing their structure - as well as how successfully they are meeting customer demand.

It also uncovers where marketplaces in Europe are continuing to evolve towards: how mobile is shifting basic customer experience, the rise of smart and voice-controlled devices in shopping, the trend for retailer marketplaces, the way the marketplace model is creeping into other facets of online commerce – even on the dark web – and what it means to be a marketplace – and what all this means for ecommerce generally.

Report highlights:

  • 47 pages of original RetailX analysis, insight and research
  • 35 original data charts
  • 8 retailer case studies


Download the full report now to gain insight on:

  • The value of the European marketplace space illuminated by detailed statistics
  • Customer survey results on consumer experience using site for the first time
  • Clear cut analysis on marketplace drivers across Europe
  • How the merchant experience is changing in sync with the evolution of marketplaces
  • Marketplaces in action with case studies on: Wildberries, Fruugo, OTTO, Secret Sales, thelittleloop, Next,Total Platform, Debenhams and Carrefour


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