Germany 2021

Download the Germany 2021: Ecommerce Country Report for a practical overview of Germany from an ecommerce perspective, including actionable analysis and quick-read graphs.

As Germany moves out of lockdown and back towards normality, retailers will be keen to collect on the pent-up demand from money that consumers didn’t spend in 2020. However, sellers must remember that transparency, trust and data protection are all at the heart of success when it comes to impressing consumers in this market.

This report will look in-depth at the German ecommerce landscape as it adapts to life post-pandemic, post-Brexit and by September, post-Angela-Merkel. We discover that the grocery and pharmaceutical sectors saw noteworthy growth peak pandemic, with ecommerce association bevh reporting increases above 30% for this sector, with some seeing ecommerce rise by 53%. The impact of German politics on retail is also discussed, with a key focus on the sustainability bill and upcoming election.

For further information, including GDP growth, digital advancements and the largest 100 retailers in Germany, download the full Germany country report now. We also feature a case study on premium beauty platform, Douglas - zooming in on its use of live streaming to improve the online experience.

Inside the full report:

  • Country profile
  • Market context
  • Partner perspective: Amplience, Asendia, Iterable & Tealium
  • Key indices
  • The German consumer
  • Online behaviour
  • Payment methods
  • Online devices
  • Delivery methods
  • Covid-19
  • Holiday season
  • The Largest 100
  • Political outlook
  • Figures and sources


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