China 2020: Ecommerce Country Report

Download the China 2020: Ecommerce Country Report for everything you need to know about the largest ecommerce market in the world in 20 pages.

China represents one of the most significant ecommerce markets globally. It is growing domestically and attracting the attention of sellers from across the world, while its consumers shop in unique ways not yet found in Western markets.

The combination of its large population (1.4 billion), impressive GDP growth and hunger for ecommerce - both domestic and international - make China a fascinating market to keep an eye on. It is a country playing catch-up with more developed markets, yet simultaneously acting as an outlier to where those same markets go next.

In the report we discover that China is an increasingly technology-driven economy, due to its wealth of young people aged 24-45, who make up almost half of the total population. We also look at the changes for ecommerce on China’s Singles' Day, a shopping festival which takes place around November 11 each year and has become a fixture of peak season for retailers worldwide.

So - how will this unique market evolve? Has Covid-19 changed the way Chinese consumers’ shopping habits? Are these consumers interested in cross-border retail outlets?

Read the China 2020: Ecommerce Country Report now to find out all this and more. Our comprehensive graphs, close analysis, and original case studies are designed to help you begin your journey into China’s unique ecommerce market.

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The full report includes:

  • Market overview
  • Population growth
  • Partner perspective: Asendia
  • Internet Inclusivity Index
  • Internet usage
  • Overview of China's B2C market
  • Revenue in the ecommerce market
  • Percentage of online shoppers
  • Chinese consumer graphics
  • User trust in mobile apps in China 2020 by app type
  • Internet activity
  • Holiday ecommerce: Singles’ Day statistics
  • Cross-border ecommerce
  • Coronavirus graphics:
    • Changes in consumer behaviour
    • Factors driving consumption during pandemic
    • Predictions for shopping behaviour after Covid-19 in China
  • More than 30 detailed graphs and charts including:
    • Gross Domestic Product of China
    • Device usage for online
    • Social Media usage
    • Most popular payment methods
    • Leading ecommerce segments, 2020
    • E-shopper usage by age
    • Ecommerce revenue in China, by segment
    • Favourite ways to shop online, 2020
    • Breakdown of ecommerce users in Singles’ day sales in China 2019, by age group
    • Cross-border ecommerce share, 2020
    • Percentage of online shoppers in China changing their ecommerce habits due to the pandemic, 2020
    • And much more


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