France 2020: Ecommerce Country Report

Download the France 2020 Ecommerce Country Report for an in-depth analysis of one of Europe’s largest and most important B2C ecommerce markets.

France represents one of the most sophisticated ecommerce markets in the world. It is an outward-looking country that’s long been central to the European Union project. It’s also a country where consumers have enthusiastically embraced online retail and online services.

At the same time, there are country-specific challenges for retailers and brands that want to reach French consumers.

How will this distinct market evolve? Are French consumers more aware of security and data issues than consumers elsewhere in Europe? How has the Covid-19 epidemic affected French retailers and brands?

Find out more about French consumers’ expectations and behaviour as they relate to, including internet usage, marketplaces and payment options.

The full report includes:

  • Overview of the French B2C retail market
  • Q&A: Marc Lolivier, Fevad
  • Partner perspective: Asendia
  • Digital market: the key numbers
  • Ecommerce overview: a growing market
  • The French consumer: security and data
  • Coronavirus tracker: the numbers that show how the pandemic has affected the French market
  • Case studies: ecommerce marketplaces and fulfilment
  • More than 28 detailed graphs and charts including:
    • France’s place in Europe
    • Device usage for online
    • Devices used for online purchases in France
    • Social media usage
    • Internet Inclusivity Index
    • Black Friday expenditure
    • E-shopper behaviour
    • Drivers of online purchases
    • Most popular parcel delivery providers
    • Ecommerce revenue forecast
    • B2C ecommerce turnover
    • Payment method preferences
    • Mobile payments
    • Most popular goods purchased online
    • Top 10 ecommerce marketplaces
    • Web traffic to the top 100 retailers in France
    • Online purchases by device
    • Delivery method preferences
    • Barriers to ecommerce
    • Coronavirus tracker graphs

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