Media 2021: Sector Analyst Report

The RetailX Sector Analyst Report on the Media Sector will focus closely on the physical and digital sales of books, games, music and video & TV content - coming in at a combined worth of $236bn in 2020.

The media market is multi-channel, with growth that is driven predominantly by technology - especially now that streaming services are more reliable than ever, not to mention widely accessible and reasonably priced.

In fact, the global market for digitally streamed video on demand content is currently worth around $50bn globally and forecast to reach $90bn by 2025. Books, on the other hand, are still dominated by physical sales and remain very much behind when it comes to digitisation.

A similar paradigm is seen, to a lesser extent, with games, music and VOD. While physical items in these categories account for a small proportion of sales, what sales there are of physical media is taking place online.

Download the Media report now for an authoritative analysis of the wider media landscape in 2020, as we track the changes and challenges faced; as well as zooming in on the new opportunities that lay ahead…

You’ll also find profiles on key players, including: Apple, Amazon, Disney, eBay, GameStop, Microsoft, Netflix, Nintendo, Spotify and iQIYI.

Inside the full report:

  • Sector timeline, including:
    • Macroeconomic events
    • iPod changes the world
    • Physical goes digital
  • Market context, including:
    • Routes to market
    • Physical sales
    • Digital downloads
    • Streaming
    • By category
  • Regional variants, including:
    • Key players
    • The second-hand market
  • Growth vectors, including:
    • Covid-19
    • New devices
    • AR & VR
  • And plenty more!


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