Luxury 2022: Ecommerce Sector Report

The luxury market is one that not only covers a wide range of product types, but also increasingly covers a range of price points – from the high-end luxury that, for many, is simply out of reach, to a growing sector of affordable luxury goods, that have broadened the appeal of the sector to a much wider audience.

In this report, we consider the luxury dimension within the context of the most advanced ecommerce market in the world - the UK. 

From pandemic-driven changes in consumer behaviour, through to web traffic of the Top100 largest luxury retailers, brands and retailers will discover everything they need to know about the UK luxury landscape. 

We also explore why the UK is unique in luxury, as well as how it compares to luxury markets overseas. 

Spotlighted company profiles include: Barbour, Burberry, FarFetch, Lyst, Matches Fashion and Ted Baker. 

Report highlights:

  • 18 pages of industry-leading research and analysis.
  • 10 unique RetailX graphs and figures.
  • 6 exclusive case studies with key players in UK luxury.


Download the full version and gain access to:

  • A detailed commentary on the UK luxury market context, including UK luxury market revenues by sector.
  • Actionable insights into domestic and international sales within the wider luxury landscape, as well as the role of new pureplay luxury sites.
  • The need-to-know shifts in consumer behaviour across the UK luxury dimension. 


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