USA 2020: Ecommerce Country Report

Download the USA 2020: Ecommerce Country Report for an in-depth analysis of one of the world’s most influential ecommerce markets.

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The United States of America takes the reins when it comes to ecommerce: it is home to the pioneers of online selling, with an ecommerce market that continues to outdo global competition due to the sheer volume of transactions made every day.

On top of this, America’s tremendous population of 331m, who have an even bigger appetite for consumption, makes it the perfect landscape for retailers and brands to set up shop. Although, with both competition and expectations through the roof - it is essential one understands the intricacies of the market before entering.

Read our report now to discover how you can take advantage of this bustling ecommerce market. We cover everything you need to know, including GDP growth, the most popular devices for online purchases, how Covid-19 has altered consumer habits and much more. For your ease and convenience, there are also over 20 pages of graphs, charts and figures inside which help clearly illustrate our analysis.

What are the main characteristics of the size of the American ecommerce market? Which online shops are performing the best in the US? How do consumers prefer their orders to be delivered? Has coronavirus completely changed how American shoppers buy?

Download the USA 2020: Ecommerce Country Report today and we will answer all the questions above; plus equip you with all the necessary knowledge to get you on your way in this unique ecommerce market.

The full report includes:

  • Market context: land of the free, home of ecommerce
  • Market overview:
    • Population growth
    • USA’s GDP
    • Performance rankings
  • Partner Perspective: Asendia & ACI Worldwide
  • Digital overview:
    • Internet usage
    • Device usage
    • Social media usage
    • Internet Inclusivity Ranking
  • Ecommerce overview:
    • Best selling items, based on category
    • Popular online marketplaces
    • Conversion rates of online shoppers by device
  • The American consumer:
    • Percentage of shoppers researching products online rather than offline
    • Digital platform preferences
    • Barriers to digital wallet adoption
  • Coronavirus:graphics
  • And much more!

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