Global Retail Research BV improving and expanding country and sector reports

RetailX, an ecommerce and multichannel retail research business founded by the owners of InternetRetailing, is expanding its operations further into Europe with the creation of Global Retail Research BV, a wholly owned subsidiary in the Netherlands.

Global Retail Research has subsequently acquired the ecommerce country and regional research reports from the Ecommerce Foundation. The reports are widely respected for delivering world-class ecommerce research, offering invaluable insight for retailers, technology vendors, government organisations and the investment community on the market entry opportunities in ecommerce across the globe.

Ian Jindal, RetailX CEO, says: “Growth-minded retailers need three external sources of information to succeed: information on the competitors, information on their markets and information on the best tools to deliver their business. For over five years RetailX has measured the performance of thousands of retailers, direct-to-consumer and digital brands across Europe, published as the InternetRetailing Top500.

“Our suppliers’ guides cover the technologies used by the best multichannel retailers, and with the creation of Global Retail Research BV we will now be reporting upon the market dynamics, scale and trends of the main countries and regions across the globe.

“Taken together we will offer the gamut of performance insight to inspire, inform and benchmark multichannel professionals in Europe and beyond.

“We are delighted to welcome to the RetailX team the talented researchers from the Ecommerce Foundation and we look forward to working with them to grow our offering to retailers, strategists and policymakers in our industry.”

Jorij Abraham, General Manager of the Ecommerce Foundation, said: “We are very happy to have found a reliable partner for our country and ecommerce market reports. We have been collecting market data since 2013 and the reports are downloaded on average 50,000 times a year by ecommerce professionals across the world. Despite its success we decided to focus our efforts on Safe.Shop, the global ecommerce trust seal, and which is used by more than 2.5 million consumers monthly to check if a web shop is legitimate.

“The hand-over to RetailX is not a farewell. Our Ecommerce Association partners and Ecommerce Foundation members will keep access to all our reports and the free version are maintained for online merchants. Our renewed focus will allow us to realise our mission better: fostering global digital trade.”

Global Retail Research’s team is looking forward to working with all of their valued partners and contributors to develop their products and bring a new research offering to the market.

Editor notes

  • RetailX has over 5 years of data covering 11,700 of the leading retailers across Europe, measuring over 300 metrics in six performance areas.
  • InternetRetailing is the leading title for professionals in multichannel retail and ecommerce across the UK & Europe, providing insight, analysis, in-depth research and events, focused on driving performance in our dynamic sector.
  •  Data is made available via InternetRetailing as the IRUK (; since 2014); IREU (, since 2015), (RXBX, 2017) etc.
  • In 2018 RetailX extended its coverage with the launch of the Growth2000 looking at fast growing retailers.
  •  Membership of RetailX is free to retailers, as is membership of its publishing partner IR ( and
  •  Ecommerce Foundation was founded by Jorij Abraham in 2013.
  •  Global Retail Research is Amsterdam based and coordinated by Sara Lone.
  • Ecommerce Foundation publishes each year around 15+ Country Ecommerce Reports(covering markets such as Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom, France, China, India, Brazil, USA, etcetera), a Global Ecommerce Report, a European and a Latin America Ecommerce Report. To see the full list of the ecommerce reports published in 2018 & 2019, visit .

For further information contact Ian Jindal CEO For commercial and partnership enquiries contact Andy James


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